Daily Habits

Meditation for a Peaceful Mind Meditation for a Peaceful Mind

There are so many reasons why you should try meditation! You'll find that you have... 

10 Ways To Give Yourself A Procrastination Inoculation 10 Ways To Give Yourself A Procrastination Inoculation

This is a guest post from Karen Leland, author of the book, Time Management In An... 

How to Cure Loneliness How to Cure Loneliness

First of all, smile.  Practice in the mirror until it feels natural. There's nothing... 

Long-Term Goals Long-Term Goals

Focus on the long run. It has been said that most people give up what they want in... 

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Spiritual Growth

Being of Service Being of Service

Being of service is good for the soul. A client of mine lost her daughter in a car... 

The One-Minute Gratitude Exercise The One-Minute Gratitude Exercise

Do you want to be happier? Experience less stress? Abolish depression? Here's a one-minute... 

Meditation for Stress Reduction Meditation for Stress Reduction

What do you think of when meditation is mentioned?  Buddhist monks sitting in monasteries... 

Forgive Forgive

To forgive is to let go. In Aramaic the word is 'shbag.'  It means to cancel, to... 

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Relationship Advice

The Complaint Sandwich The Complaint Sandwich

Rather than feeling resentments about someone, rather than nagging or yelling, learn to deliver bad news in a complaint sandwich. If you have a parent, a child, a friend, or co-worker, you have probably run into situations where you've had a complaint or criticism about them. This is where a lot of people feel anxiety. You need to deliver some bad news,... [Read more of this article]

Asking for Change Asking for Change

This "asking for change" script can be helpful for couples, families, and employers. It's a standard technique that is used in assertiveness training, anger management, and family counseling. What changes do you want the other person to make? Be very specific. Tell the other person how you feel about the behavior in question. Name the specific changes... [Read more of this article]

Happy Relationships in 22 Words Happy Relationships in 22 Words

How to define healthy relationships in twenty-two words: 1. I can be me. 2. You can be you. 3. We can be us. 4. I can grow. 5. You can grow. 6. We can grow together. This marvelous summary is  from The Struggle For Intimacy by Janet Woititz. If you value yourself, you allow yourself to be yourself. You allow your partner to be him/herself. Assertiveness... [Read more of this article]

You Teach People How to Treat You You Teach People How to Treat You

If you feel people use you, take advantage of you, or break their promises to you, then you need to make some new choices. No one wants to be victimized, but victims often don't know how to get out of their rut. They don't understand that they have taught people to treat them poorly by the poor treatment that they have accepted in the past. I used... [Read more of this article]

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