How to Cure Loneliness

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How to cure loneliness - make friends - socializeFirst of all, smile.  Practice in the mirror until it feels natural. There’s nothing like a smile to advertise your willingness to be friendly. You’ll value yourself more as well.

Next, look up befriend in the dictionary. It says to act as a friend. To help. Find someone who is less fortunate than you, someone who has a bigger problem and help that person.  You will find love, beauty, and joy in helping others. You’ll learn to value yourself more as you give selfless service to others.

Look around your place in this world. See those kids without a ball? Bring one to the street and let it rip. See that old guy eating peanut butter everyday? Bring him a cup of coffee and a smile to go with it. Lady at the store needs a little extra change? Offer it with a smile. Do these random acts of friendship in your area and you just can’t miss. Make up different scenarios in your mind and follow through with them. Someone needs a ride? Give it. Invite your neighbor to dinner. Tell her to bring a friend. Meet her kids, Hey! This is easy.You can help make the world be a better place. Every city and town on earth has need of volunteers.

Try stepping outside your comfort zone and do something a little scary–like going to a book club, talking to a stranger in a coffeeshop, taking a community education class, or sitting in a public park and chatting with strangers. Join Twitter and Facebook. Have a hobby? Go to meetup and schedule times you can meet with people who have similar interests.

Happiness is a lot like jam. You can’t spread it without getting a bit of it on yourself in the process.

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