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In addition to being individually licensed to treat mental illness, we are also a Utah state

licensed substance abuse treatment facility.

What We Believe

resolutions2 About Us

70 N. Main, Suite 103,
Bountiful, Utah

We believe in providing state of the art evidence-based treatment consistent with best practices in a compassionate, safe environment. Twelve licensed therapists work six days a week to meet your needs with assessments, evaluations, referrals, and treatment. We see toddlers, children, adolescents, and adults. We do classes, individual therapy, play therapy, group therapy, family counseling, couples counseling and seminars. Since most insurance plans are accepted, you save money.

What We Do

We can help you with:
Anger Management
Asperger Syndrome
Behavioral Problems in Children
Bipolar Disorder
Child Abuse
Couples Counseling
Chronic Pain
Divorce Adjustment
DUI Classes
Eating Disorders
Life Transitions
Parenting Issues
Sexual Abuse
Substance Abuse
Terminal Illness
Trauma ....and much more

Who We Are

kathie keeler About Us

Kathie Keeler, LCSW

Kathie Keeler, LCSW

* Director of Resolutions since 1992
* Works with all age groups
* Expertise in depression, anxiety disorders, drug and alcohol addictions
* Addresses groups on Asperger Syndrome, burnout
* Specializes in helping parents of addicts
* Over 20 years experience as a counselor
* Conducts seminars and workshops
* Coordinates programs for Resolutions

luke dalton About Us

Luke Dalton, MSW, CSW

Lucas Dalton, MSW, CSW

*Masters degree in Social Work from the University of Utah 2011.
*Fluent in Spanish both written and spoken.
*Experience working with teenagers with a variety of problems: conduct disorder, substance abuse, ADHD, and sex offenses.
*Experience working with adults with substance abuse, domestic violence, and severe mental health problems.
*Enjoy working with adults, teens, and children with a variety of different presenting problems.
*Use mindfulness CBT for anxiety and depression.
*Special interest in childhood trauma and attachment.
*Married with 2 children.

serianna gregg1 About Us

Serianna Gregg, LPC

Serianna Gregg, LPC

* Licensed Professional Counselor
* Specializes in working with children and adolescents
* Expertise in trauma, loss, anxiety, mood regulation, self harm, and sexual abuse
* Enjoys working with Aspergers, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, and Attachment Disorders
* Training and experience using DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy)
* Builds on strengths to promote a positive therapeutic environment
* Married with two children

michelle hock About Us

Michelle Hock, Office Manager

Michelle Hock, Office Manager

* Office Manager extraordinaire since 1995
* Manages to juggle every aspect of life
* Detail-minded and hardworking
* Mother of seven
* Tenacious in working with insurance companies
* Loves accuracy
* Positive and kind

desiree porter lpc About Us

Desiree Porter, LPC

Desiree Porter, LPC

* Licensed Professional Counselor with a specialty in substance abuse treatment
* Enjoys working with adolescents, adults, and families
* Expertise in helping with depression, anxiety, and coping with life changes
* Helps people with addiction-free pain management
* Has worked with war veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
* Has a special interest in couples therapy
* Helps with healing from the trauma of sexual and emotional abuse
* Enjoys helping people to feel better about themselves

lisa purdie About Us

Lisa Purdie, LCSW

Lisa Purdie, LCSW

* (MSW) Master of Social Work, (CSW) Certified Social Worker
* Member of NASW, National Association of Social Workers
* Internships in medical social work at McKay Dee Hospital and Gentiva Home Health
* Specializes in anxiety, depression, grief, and marriage and family issues
* Enjoys working with adults and teens
* Married, with four children and two grandchildren

donna raby About Us

Donna Raby, CPC1

Donna Raby, CPC1

* Master's Degree in counseling
* Enjoys working with children, teens, and adults
* Enjoys helping women believe in themselves
* Advocate for victims of sexual, verbal, and physical abuse
* Enjoys helping parents with problem-solving and parenting skills
* Enjoys helping people to expand their horizons
* Loves being a parent and a grandparent
* Loves gardening, cycling, and her dogs

lindsay wilson About Us

Lindsay Wilson, MSW, CSW

Lindsay Wilson, LCSW

* Masters in Social Work with a specialty in substance abuse treatment
* Enjoys working with adolescents, adults and families
* Specializes in treating alcohol and drug problems
* Utilizes relaxation techniques with mindfulness-based cognitive therapy to treat depression, anxiety and other problems
* Special interest in working with victims of trauma, grief and loss
* Expertise in helping families resolve conflict and improve communication
* Expertise in anger management and social skills building
* Special interest in attachment issues
* Expertise in sand tray therapy

gina zhdilkov3 About Us

Gina Zhdikov, LCSW

Gina Zhdilkov, LCSW

* Over 16 years of experience helping people to identify and use their strengths to overcome problems
* Enjoys working with children, teens, and adults
* Specialist in individual, couples, and family therapy
* Special interest in helping victims of trauma, verbal, physical, and sexual abuse
* Enjoys helping parents with problem-solving and parenting skills
* Enjoys helping people to believe in themselves
* Treats depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder as well as other problems

glen youngstrom About Us

Glen Youngstrom, MSW, CSW

Glen Youngstrom, MSW, CSW
* Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Utah
* Enjoys working with children,teens and adults
* Specialist with substance abuse / addictive disorders
* Helps with problem solving, anger management and social skills development
* Expertise in AD/HD, & mood disorders (bipolar, unipolar depression, anxiety)
* Helps with recovery from sexual, physical or mental abuse
* Children's problems, including divorce, anxiety, and grieving.
* Enjoys helping people resolve life's challenges and achieve peace and happiness.

The advice on this website is not meant to be a substitute for therapy, medication, or medical advice. Rather, it offers lifestyle choices and cognitive-behavioral direction that can help you to handle stress, avoid burnout, or just plain feel better.


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