Happy Relationships in 22 Words

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How to define healthy relationships in twenty-two words:


1. I can be me.
2. You can be you.
3. We can be us.
4. I can grow.
5. You can grow.
6. We can grow together.

This marvelous summary is  from The Struggle For Intimacy by Janet Woititz. If you value yourself, you allow yourself to be yourself. You allow your partner to be him/herself. Assertiveness helps you to speak your truth, set limits, appreciate differences while respecting your partner.

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One Comment on "Happy Relationships in 22 Words"

  1. Adam Sheck on Thu, 12th Mar 2009 5:56 pm 

    I love that 22 words! I’m definitely going to tell all of my couples and interns about it.
    Thanks so much,

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